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par Lydie Pavili - publié le

PARIS : 18-19-20-21 Juin 2013

Traduction simultanée en anglais, français et espagnol

La conférence de Arturo Escobar du 18 juin 2013 est en accès libre

Workshop international : 19, 20, 21 juin : en raison d’un nombre de place limité dans les lieux de conférence, l’accès y est restreint

Présentation :

SOGIP’s international workshops are designed to expand and enrich our reflection on indigenous rights and self-determination in today’s globalized world through opening a dialogue with indigenous and non-indigenous actors and researchers. The second SOGIP workshop will address the central issue of indigenous land rights. Land claims have played a key role in the construction of the global indigenous movement. Indigenous Peoples’ relations to land and the natural environment are an important touchstone for the articulation of their dynamic contemporary identities, discourses and political engagements, particularly in the face of continuing processes of land alienation and exploitation. The inscription of past and present indigenous lives in specific landscapes has major implications for questions of contemporary land ownership, use and management, as well as for the conservation of biodiversity and culture. Indigenous rights to land and natural resources also constitute a significant point of articulation between Indigenous Peoples and national and international actors, legal systems, regulatory regimes and market economies. This workshop aims to generate insights into the changing ways in which global trends intersect with, influence and are influenced by local cases, through the lens of indigenous land rights.

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