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Séminaire LAIOS 2013 - 2014 / 14 novembre 17h-19h

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Enjeux de pouvoir dans les mondes contemporains : gouverner, mobiliser, subjectiver
Véronique Bénéï
Chan Langaret
Enric Porqueres I Gené

Jeudi 14 Novembre 2013 de 17h00 à 19h00 salle 638,
190 avenue de France, 75013 PARIS
Séance suivie d’un pot d’ouverture du séminaire 2013-2014

Tim Ingold
Professeur d’anthropologie sociale à l’Université d’Aberdeen
Séance organisée et animée par Caterina Pasqualino

Copying, Inscription and Creative Performance

Creativity is commonly portrayed as an unknown, X-factor that accounts for the spontaneous generation of the absolutely new. Psychologists have devoted much effort to locating this factor as a cognitive function of the mind-brain and to accounting for its variable presence and impact in different times and places. Yet in other times and places, beyond the ambit of commodity capitalism, the identification of creativity with innovation would have seemed strange indeed. For the obsession with novelty implies a focus on final products and a retrospective attribution of their forms to unprecedented ideas in the minds of individuals, at the expense of any recognition of the form-generating potentials of the relations and processes in which persons and things are made and grown. In these processes, practitioners are characteristically called upon to imitate or copy what lies before them, or what is shown to them. Though they may be guided by a script, score or notation, every practitioner has to improvise his or her own passage through the array of tasks that the performance entails. In this paper I will explore the relation between imitation, inscription and creative practice. I will show that the wellsprings of creativity lie not inside people’s heads, but in their ongoing correspondences with the beings around them, and with the materials with which they work.

Prochaine séance le jeudi 19 décembre 2013
Charis Thompson (Berkeley)
Relations of the self to the self and to the state in the age of regenerative, reproductive, and genomic medicine
Séance organisée et animée par Enric Porqueres I Gené

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