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Pratiques et représentations de la citoyenneté en Asie du Sud

par Maryse Cournollet - publié le

Dans le cadre de l’équipe "Pratiques et représentations de la citoyenneté en Asie du Sud" du CEIAS, Vyjayanthi Rao (New School for Social Research, New York ) fera une conférence le 12 juin, de 10h à 12h, en salle Thorner (662) du "France".

Discutante : Catherine Neveu, (IIAC- LAIOS)

Cities and Citizenship - New Political Subjectivities

Drawing on research in Mumbai’s transforming neighborhoods, I examine the emergence of new political subjectivities amongst workers rights activists and young men employed in NGOs involved in the transition of these neighborhoods into new, developer driven high-end residential and office complexes. What kind of social relations and forms of community are emerging in the context of such large scale transitions ? In particular, with the loss of the utopian political horizons of working-class politics, what new normative horizons are emerging to direct political sensibilities in these neighborhoods ? Based on interviews as well as documentary and archival evidence, I examine these new political subjectivities and the ways in which they redefine ideas of citizenship.