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Formation à l’écriture filmique et scientifique : documenter les changements socio-ecologiques.

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Conveners : Benoit Hazard (CNRS), Juliette Vivier (French Embassy), Arghyro Paouri (IIAC- CNRS)


This training program is specially designed for researchers who focus their studies on environmental changes in East Africa. The main objective is to provide them with basic knowledge about video reporting and documentary production so they can use audiovisual techniques to better serve scientific surveys and research.

This training program takes participants from the pre-production to the final edit and delivery, passing by the direction and the shooting processes involved in creating video content for research and education.

This is a practical training program that consists of a series of group exercises, workshop sessions, demonstrations, observation and hands-on production experience. This workshop is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the basics of writing, directing, shooting, sound recording and editing and will equip the participants with basic technical knowledge in each of these areas.

This training program is organized in 3 steps, comprising 2 workshops and an exhibition aimed at presenting the reports and/or documentaries produced by the participants.

Throughout this 3-step training program, all participants will be guided by an expert who will support participants throughout the entire production of their films.

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