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Between Imagined Communities and Communities of Practice. Participation, Territory and the Making of Heritage.

par Nadine Boillon - publié le

Adell, Nicolas ; Bendix, Regina F. ; Bortolotto, Chiara ; Tauschek, Markus (eds.), . Universitätsverlag Göttingen, 2015.

Community and participation have become central concepts in the nomination processes surrounding heritage, intersecting time and again with questions of territory. In this volume, anthropologists and legal scholars from France, Germany, Italy and the USA take up questions arising from these intertwined concerns from diverse perspectives : How and by whom were these concepts interpreted and re-interpreted, and what effects did they bring forth in their implementation ? What impact was wielded by these terms, and what kinds of discursive formations did they bring forth ? How do actors from local to national levels interpret these new components of the heritage regime, and how do actors within heritage-granting national and international bodies work it into their cultural and political agency ? What is the role of experts and expertise, and when is scholarly knowledge expertise and when is it partisan ? How do bureaucratic institutions translate the imperative of participation into concrete practices ? Case studies from within and without the UNESCO matrix combine with essays probing larger concerns generated by the valuation and valorization of culture.


Nicolas Adell, Regina F. Bendix, Chiara Bortolotto and Markus Tauschek


Nicolas Adell, Regina F. Bendix, Chiara Bortolotto and Markus Tauschek

Introduction. Between Imagined Communities and Communities of Practice : Participation, Territory and the Making of Heritage


Community Conundrums

Ellen Hertz

Bottoms, Genuine and Spurious

Stefan Groth

Between Society and Culture : Recognition in Cultural Heritage Contexts

Michael A. Di Giovine

The Ethics of Participation, Community Formation, and Governmentality in UNESCO’s World Heritage Program


Community and Territory from Legal Perspectives

Benedetta Ubertazzi

The Territorial Condition for the Inscription of Elements on the UNESCO Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Sabrina Urbinati
The Community Participation in International Law

Lauso Zagato

The Notion of “Heritage Community” in the Council of Europe’s Faro Convention. Its Impact on the European Legal Framework


Cultural Values and Community Involvement beyond UNESCO

Cyril Isnart

Self Heritage-Making and Religious Minority in Greece : An Ethnography of Heritage Activities outside of the Cultural Institutions

Monika Salzbrunn

The Place-Making of Communities in Urban Spaces : The Invention of the Village Saint-Louis Sainte-Marthe

Noe¨l Barbe, Marina Chauliac and Jean-Louis Tornatore

Intangible Cultural Heritage Exposed to Public Deliberation : A Participatory Experience in a Regional Nature Park

Regina F. Bendix

Patronage and Preservation : Heritage Paradigms and Their Impact on Supporting “Good Culture”


Reflections on Heritage Experts and Decision Makers

Nicolas Adell

Polyphony vs. Monograph : The Problem of Participation in a French ICH Dossier

Chiara Bortolotto

UNESCO and Heritage Self-Determination : Negotiating Meaning in the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the ICH

Christoph Brumann

Community as Myth and Reality in the UNESCO World Heritage Convention

Markus Tauschek

Imaginations, Constructions and Constraints : Some Concluding Remarks on Heritage, Community and Participation

Topics and Papers of the Three Trilateral ConferencesContributors

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