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Truth, Intentionality and Evidence : Anthropological Approaches to Crime.

par Nadine Boillon - publié le

Yazid Ben Hounet (Sous la direction de), Deborah Puccio-Den (Sous la direction de), Routledge, 2017.

This book provides an anthropological exploration of the ways in which crime is perceived and defined, focusing on notions of truth, intentionality, and evidence. The chapters contain rich ethnographic case studies drawn from work in the Middle East, Africa, India, Mexico and Europe. A variety of instances are discussed, from court proceedings, police reports and newspapers to moments of conflict resolution and reconciliation. Through analysis of this material, the authors reflect on how perception of an act as a crime can differ and how the definition of crime may not be shared by all societies. The approach takes into consideration local standards as well as social, legal and contextual constraints.

Yazid Ben Hounet is a Visiting Scholar of Anthropology at New York University, USA

Deborah Puccio-Den is a Research Fellow in Anthropology at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, CNRS, France