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Restoring David Graeber’s political anthropology

by Chrystèle Guilloteau - published on

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Restoring David Graeber’s political anthropology

Study day organised with the institut interdisciplinaire de l’Anthropologie du Contemporain (iiAC) seminar

The study day will be pleased to welcome anthropologist Keith Hart in order to introduce our exchanges. He will share with us some of the ideas he wrote in hommage to David Graeber (, in order to interrogate the relevance of its legacy for the future of political anthropology.

The study day is organised jointly with "The End of Libertalia" colloquium organised by the Museum of Quai Branly ( The colloquium will discuss one of David Graeber’s most recent publication, "Les Pirates des Lumières ou la véritable histoire de Libertalia", published by les éditions Libertalia.

Organizers: Aurélia Gualdo -
Olivier Coulaux -

Scientific referents:
Riccardo Ciavolella -
Gianfranco Rebucini -
Hadrien Saiag -


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