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Review process

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For both the thematic dossier and the varia, articles must be original and meet the criteria of scientific integrity. Articles shall conform to the standards of the journal (see instructions to authors). Manuscripts, in French, shall be 30,000 characters long maximum, including spaces and notes.

The articles received for thematic dossiers or for the varia section are then double-blind peer reviewed by at least two experts, one of whom not being a member of the journal. The same criteria will be used for the evaluation of articles. The article must also be in line with the editorial line of the journal. Consistency, rigour of the demonstration, quality of the analysis and of the field data mobilized as well as of the writing will also be taken into account in the evaluation. The evaluation grid is available on the website.
Following the experts’ opinions, the article may either be accepted for publication with minor modifications, or may be published subject to major modifications, or it may be rejected. A reply is sent to the authors within 2 months of receipt of the article.