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070 - Conflict over Water in the Singing Wells - Marsabit, Kenya

par Arghyro Paouri - publié le

Durée : 13 min. 37 secs.

N° master : 70
Date de production : 2013
Version(s)  : anglais

Auteurs scientifiques, image & son : Benoît Hazard - CEM/iiAC & Christine Adongo - Kenyatta University
Montage : Arghyro Paouri - CEM / iiAC
Une production : CNRS

The horn of Africa experiences severe and prolonged droughts associated with global environmental changes.
Water has become rare and experts assert, that its availability implies involvement of a global reform sector.
In Marsabit County, one of the driest regions of Kenya, pastoralists contend with permanent hydrical stress.
Immense pressure is exerted on natural resources (water & pasture) on which their livelihood depends.
In 2001, a Marsabit inhabitant declared : " Soon, we shall have war. It will not be for animals or for land, but it will be for the water ".
Nevertheless, pastoral societies of Northern Kenya’s ASALs, have adapted to the water shortage.
This documentary shows how these societies manage and conserve natural resources, particularly water, by positioning man in the heart of the relationship between natural resources and the animal kingdom. Would the
war for water then, not be the consequence of hydrical stress as inferred by a situation of global reform ?