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Submission of texts

Call for proposals for the thematic dossiers

For the thematic dossiers, call for proposals have been issued since 2017.

Authors in publishing their pieces may submit an abstract of approximately 3,000 characters, along with a title, presenting the issue tackled by the article, the main lines of argument, as well as the material on which it is based.

Proposals will be selected by means of a double-blind process by the members of the Review Panel on the basis of their relevance, originality, scientific quality, their contribution to the state of the literature and the general economy of the thematic dossier, the aim being to embrace diverse fields, fieldworks, and points of view.

A reply will be sent to the authors within 2 months from the deadline for receipt of proposals.

Varia section

From issue 101, the journal has added a varia section to its central thematic dossier.

For that section, highly specialized and innovative articles are expected, opening up original avenues of research and likely to interest readers from different disciplines.

These varia items must be shorter than 30,000 signs.

Thematic dossier

Proposals of thematic dossiers to be issued are welcome.

An argument of about 5 pages ought to highlight the originality and relevance of the project with regard to the literature. The themes should be in line with the editorial line of the journal and be treated in an interdisciplinary perspective with various fields or examples from different regions of the world.

The proposal will be discussed by the Editorial Board. If it is accepted, possibly with modifications, a meeting between the Editorial Board and the coordinators will be organized.